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Surname GEOGHEGAN   Initials J P   First Name JOHN PATRICK  
Decorations DFC + MID  
Rank Squadron Leader   Unit RAF   Service No. 62263  
Age Unknown  Deceased   Previous Squadron 77  
Grave Location  
Additional Info  
War Graves Link   Grave Photo NO Cemetery Photo NO
Award Date Citation / Reference Squadron
DFC  25/07/1941  Pilot Officer John Patrick GEOGHEGAN (62263), Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, No. 77 Squadron.

One night in June, 1941, this officer was the observer of an aircraft which carried out an attack on Dusseldorf.

During the attack the aircraft was hit and a piece of shrapnel, which entered the perapex of the front turret, struck Pilot Officer Geoghegan on the left arm leaving a jagged open wound. Nevertheless, although in great pain and suffering from shock, Pilot Officer Geoghegan insisted on executing his duties as bomb aimer and, when a tourniquet had been applied, he returned to his post and finally released his bombs over the target. He subsequently navigated the aircraft safely to base.

Pilot Officer Geoghegan has previously participated in attacks against Dusseldorf, Brest and Schwerti and has at all times been a keen and courageous navigator. 
Bar to DFC  11/04/1944  Acting Squadron Leader John Patrick GEOGHEGAN,D.F.C. (62263), Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, No. 156 Squadron.

GEOGHEGAN, John Patrick, A/S/L, DFC (62263, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve) - No.156 Squadron
Bar to Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 21 April 1944.

Served in the ranks;
commissioned 1941.
Home in Bournemouth. Following text from Flight, 22 June 1944 and Air Ministry Bulletin 13588.

This officer has participated in many sorties against heavily defended objectives in Germany and occupied territory. At all times his high sense of devotion to duty has been most commendable.

Citation details provided by Hugh Halliday. 
MID  28/12/1945  Acting Squadron Leader J. P. GEOGHEGAN (62263), R.A.F.V.R.  156 
Source Date Comments
LG 35228  25/07/1941  DFC Notification 
ORB  14/04/1943  F/L GEOGHAN reported for aircrew duties from L.U.A.S. 
ORB  27/04/1943  F/L GEOGHAN, SGT WEARE, SGT LEDAMIN, F/S MONK, SGT DRINKWATER posted to 1656 C.U. for crewing up with S/L MACKINTOSH. 
ORB  22/05/1943  F/L GEOGHEGAN attached to P.F.F.N.T.U. 
ORB  23/03/1944  A/S/L J. B. Geoghegan D.F.C. G.D. (N) posted to P.F.F.N.T.U. 
LG 36480  18/04/1944  Bar To DFC Notification 
LG 37407  28/12/1945  MID Notification (Page 94)