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Surname KEELER   Initials W F   First Name WILLIAM FREDERICK  
Decorations DFC  
Rank Flying Officer   Unit RAF   Service No. 176234  
Age Unknown  Deceased   Previous Squadron 170  
Comments 15/11/44 - F/O W.F. Keeler and crew arrived from 170 Squadron
see mention in ORB 23/2/45  
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Award Date Citation / Reference Squadron
DFC  17/04/1945  Flying Officer William Frederick KEELER (176234), R.A.F.V.R, 156 Sqn.

Flying Officer Keller has taken part in very many sorties, involving attacks on a, variety of enemy targets. He is a fine pilot and captain whose zest for air operations has set an excellent example.

One night in February, 1945, Flying Officer Keeler took part in an attack on a target at Pforzheim. Although the port outer engine failed on the outward flight, this pilot went on to execute a good attack. Some days later, en route to Mannheim, an engine failed. Displaying his usual determination, Flying Officer Keeler flew on to the target which he reached on time. During the bombing run his aircraft sustained some damage but he pressed home his attack and afterwards flew safely to base.

This officer has invariably displayed praiseworthy skill and gallantry.

ORB 31/3/45 also ORB 30/4/45 
Source Date Comments
ORB  15/11/1944  F/O W.F. Keeler and crew arrived from PFFNTU (ex 170 Squadron) 
ORB  23/02/1945  Shortly after becoming airborne an engine in the aircraft flown by F/O W.F. Keeler feathered. He pressed on and made the flight of 6 hours 30 minutes on three engines. Skilful airmanship and good Captaincy brought him to the target on time. 
ORB  1/03/1945  Engine in F/O Keeler's aircraft cut out 50 minutes from the target, but he arrived on time and returned to base on three engines. He believes his aircraft was hit by pieces of an aircraft which blew up. 
ORB  31/03/1945  DFC Notification 
LG 37043  17/04/1945  DFC Notification 
ORB  30/04/1945  DFC Notification - again?