Operations on this day
Year Date Weekday Activity Target
1942  16/02/1942  Monday  F/Sgt GREEN is to be posted to 57 Squadron w.e.f. for aircrew duties. Sgt. SMITH is posted to 1651 Conversion Unit and Sgt WHITBREAD to 419 Squadron w.e.f. 21.2.42 . Five crews from 'B' Flight to-day carried out Bombing Practice, one an Air Test and one local flying. Three crews from 'A' flight did Bombing Practice at Lakenheath Range, one flew to Pershore and back and one did a night flying test. Sgt HOLMES is to be posted to 21 O.T.U. w.e.f. 2.3.42. He has completed his tour of Operations and will take up Instructor duties. One aircraft from Alconbury took off on a nickel raid on the Lille area. 10/10 cloud prevailed over the North Sea and the French Coast could not beseen. All nickels were dropped.  Lille         
1943  16/02/1943  Tuesday  5 Aircraft detailed for operations, all took off and returned safely. 4 NFT, 1 circuits and landings. 1 bombing practice and cross country flights carried out, also 2 fighter affiliation exercises. P/O EADE reported for duty from 109 Squadron.  Lorient         
1944  16/02/1944  Wednesday  20 aircraft detailed for operations - later cancelled. 2 Non Operational Flights. A/F/O J. A. HIGGS & CREW posted to Squadron.           
1945  16/02/1945  Friday  nil           
Casualties on this day
Year Rank Init Surname Decoration Unit Target Date Desig Type Cemetery CWGRef Grave Pic