Operations on this day
Year Date Weekday Activity Target
1942  22/07/1942  Wednesday  Information received of death of Sgt. BUCHANAN. W/Op. (P/O SMITH's crew - missing 5.6.42) Two new crews arrived on posting, (Sgt. NEWLOVE and WISE and crews). Three crews detailed for operations and cancelled later.           
1943  22/07/1943  Thursday  21 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled. 7 Beam and low flying flights, 14 N.F.T., 1 from WYTON, 1 Air Flying, 1 Air Test.           
1944  22/07/1944  Saturday  8 aircraft detailed for daylight operations on COULONVILLES C/WORKS. All proceeded and returned. 8 further aircraft detailed for a daylight operations on two targets, but this was later cancelled. W/O K.E. Bartleman (A/B) and Sgt E.W.C. Brackett (A.G.) commissioned. 5 non operational flights.  Coulonvilles         
1945  22/07/1945  Sunday             
Casualties on this day
Year Rank Init Surname Decoration Unit Target Date Desig Type Cemetery CWGRef Grave Pic