Operations on this day
Year Date Weekday Activity Target
1942  24/03/1942  Tuesday  Operations were detailed and cancelled. One T.R. practice and two air firing practices were effected. One aircraft was ferried from Wyton.           
1943  24/03/1943  Wednesday  11 a/c detailed for operations, later cancelled. 2 N.F.T., 1 flight from ELSHAM WOLD. F/O GRANT arrived from GRANSDEN LODGE on attachment to the Squadron. F/S LINDSAY and SGT MURRAY posted to WYTON (N.E.). F/O B.F. SMITH (pilot) reported from 15 O.T.U. F/O R.E. GOODWIN (WO/AG) reported from 21 O.T.U.           
1944  24/03/1944  Friday  21 aircraft detailed for operations. All proceeded 2 aircraft returned early 1 aircraft missing F/LT R. Richmond and crew. 10 non operational flights  Berlin         
1945  24/03/1945  Saturday  9 aircraft detailed for a daylight attack on the synthetic oil plant at Harpenweg. F/L T.S. Harris was Master Bomber and F/L W.J. Cleland DFC was Deputy. S/L P.F.Clayton, DSO DFC carried out long stop duties for the raid. Bombing was well concentrated on the Master Bomber's instructions. A large explosion was seen, with flames, followed by clouds of black oily smoke. Flak was predicted and accurate and several aircraft were hit, two of which were Cat "A.C." through damage. On the run up to the target F/O G.B. Hampson's aircraft received a direct hit in the rear of the bomb bay, but the bombs did not explode. Some of the bombs fell from the shattered bomb bay. What followed was an episode of valour and courage which might never have been recorded had it not been for the superb airmanship on the part of the Captain, and the selfless devotion to duty of the survivors. After the hit the Captain was informed that the aircraft was on fire, and as the aircraft was developing a dive and was full of smoke he gave the order to abandon. In the meantime the Captain continued evasive action in view of the predicted flak. The Navigator 1 and Wireless Operator had baled out and the Mid Upper Gunner missing, but his parachute was still in the aircraft. A large shell hole was near his turret and with the aircraft full of smoke, it may be assumed that he fell through this hole. The Captain found he could control the aircraft and he signalled the Set Operator who was helping the wounded Flight Engineer through the escape hatch. The Flight Engineer was wounded in the thigh and the bone splintered, but he continued "Windowing". As the Flight Engineer was being dragged back into the aircraft another direct hit shattered his left leg at the knee, severing it except for a few tags of flesh, The Rear Gunner, who had clambered precariously from the rear turret, ove the gaping holes in the fuselage, and the Set Operator carried him to the flight deck beside the Pilot. The Flight Engineer (an ex Medical Orderly) directed and assisted the dressing of his own wounds, and injected himself with morphia in the left wrist. In spite of his wounds he continued giving advice to the Pilot regarding fuel state and changing fuel tanks, and dragging his maimed body nearer the switch board, continued giving instructions to the Pilot. The Set Operator plotted a course for home, and the Rear Funner remained assisting the Captain. The aircraft landed at Manston, and was graded Cat "E" (beyond repair). S/L Clayton DOS DFC on Long Stop duties over the target, was repeatedly hit by flak, on on landing at base, the aircraft was graded "Cat A.C" 6 non operational flights.  Harpenwerg         
Casualties on this day
Year Rank Init Surname Decoration Unit Target Date Desig Type Cemetery CWGRef Grave Pic
1944  F/Lt  RICHMOND    RAF  Berlin  24/03/1944  JB667  Lancaster III  BERLIN 1939-1945 W  2760798  ** YES **
1944  Sgt.  J A  GREEN    RAF  Berlin  24/03/1944  JB667  Lancaster III  BERLIN 1939-1945 W  2201348  ** YES **
1944  Sgt.  G P  RAE    RAF  Berlin  24/03/1944  JB667  Lancaster III  BERLIN 1939-1945 W  2760728  ** YES **
1944  F/O  KEARNEY    RAF  Berlin  24/03/1944  JB667  Lancaster III  BERLIN 1939-1945 W  2201773  ** YES **
1944  Sgt.  R J  FAULKNER    RAF  Berlin  24/03/1944  JB667  Lancaster III  BERLIN 1939-1945 W  2079433  ** YES **
1944  Sgt.  K A  WARD    RAF  Berlin  24/03/1944  JB667  Lancaster III  BERLIN 1939-1945 W  2761346  ** YES **
1945  Sgt.  MCWILLIAMS    RAF  Harpenwerg  24/03/1945  ME378  Lancaster  RUNNYMEDE MEMORIAL  1079785  ** YES **