Lauterbach Lancaster - LL861

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Partial Crew Photo

Left to Right

F/Sgt J.B. Newman RAAF
F/Sgt S.G.R. (George) King RAAF
F/Sgt J.A. Noske RAAF


Sgt F. Phillips RAF
P/O D. J. Irving RAAF
F/Sgt N.G. Hugget RAAF

Missing from Photo: W Adam - see comment on back of Photo,
and F/O R.F. Litchfield the specialist operator.

Reverse of Crew Photo

I believe some hints on the names exist in the text.

"Left Standing" is John Newman, So .... top Row left.
The "Rose" this time is George King ..... (The Rose between two thorns)
"Bottom Left, the modest good looking lad is Frank Phillips (also confirmed by RAF uniform)
Sgt Huggett, bottom right can be identified by his wedding photo below.
The missing member of the is crew Wally Adam, " Sorry I missed out All the best - Wally Adam
Flight Sergeant Norman Grenfell Huggett and his wife Joan (left) and on their wedding day. The woman on the right is the bride's sister Molly Hoyle. Flt Sgt Huggett enlisted in Sydney, NSW, on 13 September 1941.
P/O Donald Irving RAAF

Follow the link :

to show all missions for Don and his crew.
Reverse of P/O Donald Irving's photo
LBH 120
Memorial at Lauterbach prior to Ceremony
LBH 121
Memorial at Lauterbach prior to ceremony
LBH 124

---------------- Lead up to Ceremony -------
The Minister from Mihla who read the service.
Eb Haelbig - who excavated the site and in association with the Mayor - Rainer Lammerhirt and the Park Officials organised the erection of the memorial in 2008.
Jan Schipper, a member of the 101 Squadron Association
Robin Riley - relative of Donald Irving
Leonie Haelbig - Eds long suffering wife, who is left at home while Eb is searching the forests, arranging memorials etc.
Saskia Beuvery-van Doorn, Jan's advisor on ethereal matters.
LBH 130
Jan Schipper reads out the names of the Crew.
The Mayor of Mihla with 101 Sqn message
Local Press contingent.
The Local Lutheran Minister of Mihla
LBH 132

Left To Right
Local Minister from Mihla
Jan Schipper
Saskia Beuvery-van Doorn
Leonie Haelbig
Mayor of Lauterbach
Unknown attendee
Unknown attendee
Robin Riley
Eb Haelbig
LBH 133
The Mayor makes his speech and reads 101 Squdaron letter
LBH 113
Message from the Chairman of the 101 Squadron Association which was read out at the ceremony (with German Translation) by the Mayor of Mihla, Rainer Lammerhirt
LBH 134
The Mayor makes his speech and reads 101 Squdaron letter
LBH 135
Attendees at the Ceremony, with the Head of the Parks Authority on the far right
LBH 136
The Minister from Mihla reads the Service.

The service mentions the German raid on Coventry on the 15/15th of November 1940
and concludes with the reading of the "Coventry Litany of Reconciliation" see website

After the service, one minutes silence is observed.
LBH 140
Don Irving's wreath with Australian Coat of Arms and RAAF Emblem (partly visible)

Floral Tribute laid by Mayor Rainer Lammerhirt in foreground.
LBH 141
101 Squadron Wreath
LBH 142
101 Squadron Asociation wreath
LBH 144
Floral Tribute by the Mayor of Mihla - Rainer Lammerhirt
LBH 146
Left to Right
Eb Haelbig
Jan Schipper
Robin Riley
LBH 152
Local citizens
LBH 154
One of the trees destroyed in the area of the crash site.
LBH 156
Impact point if the crash
LBH 158
A local citizen who was 15 years old at the time of the crash.
He was drafted in by the Wehrmacht to assist in the recovery of the remains of the crew, which were in his words "just pieces"
His Sister approached me after the Ceremony and told me that this event had troubled him all his life and he has been looking forward to the Ceremony as a "closure" of this chapter.
LBH 159
Jan Schipper speaking with witness

Stella Riley in background, she was behind the camera for all of the Ceremony.
LBH 170
Fragment of aircraft found at the crash site.

The red lettering is, I believe, part of the letter 8 in the aircraft registration LL 861
LBH 175
A steel weight from an Incendiary Bomb. The weight was used to ensure that the incindiary broke through the roof of a building.

A .303, with what appears to be armour tip. Presented to me by Eb.

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