156 Squadron Log
Date Weekday Activity Target
1/01/1945  Monday  no entry           
2/01/1945  Tuesday  16 aircraft detailed for an attack on NURNBERG. The city appears to have been well marked and received a good concentration of bombing. The attack appears to have been a very sucessful one, and several explosions were reported. Enemy fighters were active, but all aircraft returned safely. 16 non ops.  Nurnburg         
3/01/1945  Wednesday  16 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled. 2 non operational flights.           
4/01/1945  Thursday  The enemy pocket of resistance still holding out in the BORDEAUX area received a reminder that they were not forgotten when the Squadron contributed 14 aircraft for an attack on ROYAN. The weather was clear with some haze drifting across the area. The illuminating flares lit the area well and all crews were able to see the built up area and the bay. The bombing appeared to be well concentrated on the aiming point and several minor explosions and some fires were reported. The raid was directed by S/L J.A. Wilson as Master Bomber and F/L G. Lewis as Deputy. 19 non operational flights.  Royan         
5/01/1945  Friday  16 aircraft detailed for operations against HANOVER. 1 aircraft was withdrawn owing to engine trouble. Fires were still burning from the previous raid in the evening. Incens were seen to be across the built up area, and a pall of smoke hung in the sky over the target area. The glow of fires could be seen from 150 miles away on the return journey. F/L Hiscock's aircraft was extensively damaged by flak and enemy fighters but was sucessfully landed at base and graded Cat A/C.  Hanover         
6/01/1945  Saturday  No Entry           
7/01/1945  Sunday  The Squadron went further afield tonight when 15 aircraft attacked MUNICH. The attack was carried out in conditons of 10/10ths cloud, but the glow of a previous raid could be seen 50 miles away. Bombing appeared to start early and was good in general, but rather spread at first. Appeared to be a good raid. 13 non operational flights.  Munich         
8/01/1945  Monday  No Entry           
9/01/1945  Tuesday  No Entry           
10/01/1945  Wednesday  No Entry           
11/01/1945  Thursday  No Entry           
12/01/1945  Friday  12 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled. 6 non operational flights.           
13/01/1945  Saturday  5 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled. nil non operational flights.           
14/01/1945  Sunday  10 aircraft detailed for daylight operations on SAARBRUCKEN. The Master Bomber was S/L P.F. Clayton DFC and his Deputy was F/L M.W. Kitson. When the M/B arrived on target he found the main force had arrived and were starting to bomb., they had arrived three minutes early. He took control and ordered aircraft to orbit, as they were overshooting. Marking was pulled back to the A/P and the M/B was able to direct the attack sucessfully. Bombing for the last part of the attack was good. 6 further aircraft detailed for night operations on the LEUNA oil plant at MERSEBERG. 1 aircraft returned early with Radio Receiver burnt out. Small fires were seen from the previous raid. One large explosion was seen which lit the cloud with a red glow. On return of this second raid the weather had deteriorated rapidly and they were diverted to TANGMERE. 5 non operational flights.  Saarbrucken  Merseberg Leuna       
15/01/1945  Monday  11 non operational flights.           
16/01/1945  Tuesday  8 aircraft detailed for night operations against the synthetic oil plant at ZEITZ. The marking appeared to be good, and numerous large explosions were reported. 8 further aircraft attacked the industrial town of MAGDEBURG. This attack opened with illuminating flares which were well placed, and the marking in general was reported as very good. Fires were seen 80/90 miles away on the homeward journey. All aircraft proceeded and returned.  Zeitz Troglitz  Magdeburg       
17/01/1945  Wednesday  12 non operational flights.           
18/01/1945  Thursday  No Entry           
19/01/1945  Friday  7 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled.           
20/01/1945  Saturday  7 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled. 14 non operational flights.           
21/01/1945  Sunday  16 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled. 16 non operational flights.           
22/01/1945  Monday  13 aircraft detailed for operations on HAMBORN. Ground detail leading up to the A/P could be seen in the moonlight. The marking and bombing appeared good. A large explosion and several minor ones were seen during the attack, and the glow of fires could be seen 60 miles away on the homeward journey. 1 non operational flight.  Hamborn         
23/01/1945  Tuesday  No Entry           
24/01/1945  Wednesday  No Entry           
25/01/1945  Thursday  No Entry           
26/01/1945  Friday  No Entry           
27/01/1945  Saturday  10 non operational flights.           
28/01/1945  Sunday  8 aircraft detailed to attack STUTTGART - ZUFFENHAUSEN. 1 aircraft failed to return, F/L J.H. Freeman and crew. The bombing was fairly well concentrated. Enemy aircraft were active and several combats took place.  Stuttgart         
29/01/1945  Monday  6 aircraft detailed for operations which were cancelled before takeoff. 13 non operational flights.           
30/01/1945  Tuesday  No Entry           
31/01/1945  Wednesday  16 aircraft detailed for operations which were later cancelled. Nil non operational flights. The following awards to members of the Squadron were awarded during the month: S/L P.F. Clayton DFC immediate DSO. S/L A.W.G. Cochrane DSO DFC Bar to DFC. F/L G. Lewis (Immediate) F/O W.H. Cornelius (Immediate). S/L D.F. Allen GM BEM. F/L J.G. Cooper. F/L E.J. Long. F/L J.A. Turk. F/O F. I. Ide. F/L T.G. Greene. F/L P.B. Kettle. F/O A. Watson. P/O E.F. Hearn and W/O J. Egan, all awarded the D.F.C. The award of the D.F.M. was made to P/O W.J. Conolly. F/S J.J. Corkery. W/O J.B. Elder. F/S G.R. Green and F/S N.J. Loader.