156 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Berlin
Mission Date: 2/01/1944
Mission Comments: 18 Aircraft detailed for Operations. 4 did not take off and 1 returned early. 5 Aircraft are missing (F/O BORLAND DFC, SGT BARNES, F/L RALPH DFM, F/O CAIRNS, AND P/O CROMARTY AND CREWS).
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
JB228  Lancaster  F/Lt STIMPSON    02.47  19,000        280 
JB217  Lancaster III  S/L HOPTON    02.48  19,000        280 
JB553  Lancaster III  P/O BORLAND  00:08          T/o 0008 Warboys. Presumed crashed in the target area. F/L McGlashan and Sgt Scott, whose brother Gordon Rennie Scott died on Service, lie in the Berlin 1939-1945 War Cemetery while the other members of the crew have no known grave.  280 
JB310  Lancaster III  F/Lt RALPH  00:18          T/o 0018 Warboys. All are buried in Berlin at the 1939-1945 War Cemetery. F/L Ralph RNZAF had served previously with 101 Squadron, his award being published in the London Gazette on 20 April 1943  280 
JB317  Lancaster III  Sgt. BARNES  00:19          T/o 0019 Warboys. Outbound, attacked from the port quarter by a night fighter in the vicinity of Bremen. The Lancaster entered a steep dive and was partially abandoned. The three airmen who died are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. Sgt Hillman was a mere 17 years of age and his service number indicates he joined the air force at some time between April and October 1941.  280 
ND380  Lancaster III  F/O CAIRNS  00:04          T/o 0004 Warboys. Crashed at Riesdorf, though it is thought T/S Haywood USAAF was buried in Elsgrund-Doberitz Friedhof., which had been used for Allied air force burials since October 1943. His body was exhumed inlate 1946 and interred on 29 January 1947 in the US Military Cemetery at Neuville-en-Condrez, Belgium. All six RAF members of the crew are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. F/O Cairns, with 46 sorties credited, had flown previously with 150 Squadron, his DFM being gazetted on 27 October 1942  DSCF0006 
JB640  Lancaster III  P/O CROMARTY  00:09          To 0008 Warboys. Lost without trace until 1975 when wreckage from this Lancaster was found in the eastern sector of Berlin. All are commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial. F/S Burtenshaw came from Australia and had married Bridget Burtenshaw of Morden, Surrey.  DSCF0006 
JA975  Lancaster III  W/O GALLAGHER  00:12  02.44  19,500  06:33  06:21    DSCF0008 
JB479  Lancaster III  W/C PORTER  00:13  02.49  20,000  06:42  06:29    DSCF0008 
JB113  Lancaster III  W/C MANSFIELD  00:14      01:24  01:10    DSCF0008 
JA921  Lancaster III  P/O BLAMEY  00:16  02.53  19,000  06:40  06:24    DSCF0008 
EE108  Lancaster  F/Sgt MCLEAN  00:20  02.54  19,000  06:37  06:17    DSCF0008 
JA941  Lancaster III  P/O PURNELL  00:11  02.51  20,000  06:22  06:11    DSCF0009 
LM344  Lancaster III  F/Sgt STREET  00:15      03:03  02:48  Did not Attack Target as it was impossible to gain height - Loss of Power in Port Outer. Bombs Jettisonned  DSCF0009