Gerald Edward Riley DFC RAAF

This site has come into being as a result of my attempt to recreate my fathers Logbook which has been lost.

After a lot of time spent on the web it became apparent that there was not a lot of details available about the squadron and that my research would need to be more personal.

From there it was off to the Public Records Office at Kew to look at the Operational Record Books.

In between trips to Kew I started to collect a few books on WWII Bomber Command. Of particular note are Chorleys works which detail all Bomber Command Losses of WWII, and I have used these as a basis for the Roll of Honour. Not without a few corrections I might add.

Below is the reconstructed Log Book. You can follow the links for more details.

Rego Date Target Depart Return Hours Comments
ND618  10/07/1944  NuCourt  4:35:00 AM  7:38:00 AM  3:03:00 AM  NUCOURT C/WORKS. Target attacked at 0601.18 hrs from 15000 ft 0546hrs Master Bomber first heard saying 'Basement 14000ft', later on he said 'Maintain Height' and then 'Square Mile' which he repeated. Master Bomber said 'Bomb TI if you can see it' but noth 
PB114  12/07/1944  Rollez  1:33:00 PM  4:23:00 PM  2:50:00 AM  Target Attacked at 1500.15 hrs from 15000ft. Formation fairly tight and bombing would appear to have been well concentrated. No results seen owing to cloud. One photo attempted. Bomb Load 8 x 500 GPTD, 8 x 500 GP USA, 2 x 500 GPLD 
PA966  22/07/1944  Coulonvilles  3:34:00 PM  6:36:00 PM  3:02:00 AM  Target attacked at 1733.58hrs from 15.700 ft. Dropped as Lancaster ahead. Formation good at time of bombing. Defences Nil. One photo attempted. Bomb Load 16 x 500 GP .025, 2 x 500 GPLD 
PB186  23/07/1944  Foret de Croc  7:33:00 AM  10:30:00 AM  2:57:00 AM  Target attacked at 0917.30 hrs from 10.700 ft. Nothing seen of target, formation was rather loose. Defenses Nil. One photo attempted. Bomb load 2 x 500 GPLD, 16 x 500 MC TD .025 
ND422  27/07/1944  Chateau Bernapree  6:02:00 PM  9:21:00 PM  3:19:00 AM  Chateau Bernapree C/Works. Abortive. Leading Mosquito failed and closed his bomb doors at 1957 hrs, he did not fire a cartridge. The leading Mosquito when we orbited to port over channel took up position at rear of formation and reserver Mosquito came to  
ND618  30/07/1944  Battle Area - Normandy  6:42:00 AM  9:59:00 AM  3:17:00 AM  Task BATTLE AREA A/P 'E'. Target attacked at 0816.18 hrs from 2,000 ft. On approach to target 'Basement 3,000' heard 0803 hrs. Later 'Basement 2000ft'. Two TI Red Groups went down 0815 hrs as aircraft was running in. A wood was visible and bomb burst were 
PB302  3/08/1944  Bios de Cassan  12:14:00 PM  3:35:00 PM  3:21:00 AM  Task. BOIS DE CASSAN DUMP. Target attacked at 1400.30 hrs from 13,500 ft. One lot of Red TI's seen at 1358 hrs, smoke trails seen first, confirmed that TI red overshot A/P slightly. Bombing well on TI. Some bombs actually undershooting across the river. O 
PB302  4/08/1944  Trossy-St-Maxim  11:19:00 AM  2:47:00 PM  3:28:00 AM  Task. TROSSY DUMP. Target attacked at 1315.24 hrs from 13,500 ft. 1314 hrs Master Bomber instructed to bomb Red TI. TI's appeared a little to port of aiming point. Bombing was very concentrated except for about 3 sticks which undershot. Moderate H/Flak, v 
PA966  6/08/1944  Hazebrouck  7:47:00 PM  8:56:00 PM  1:09:00 AM  Task. HAZEBROUCK M/YARDS. Abortive. Captain of aircraft deaf. 
PA966  16/08/1944  Kiel  9:26:00 PM  2:37:00 AM  5:11:00 AM  Task. KIEL. Target attacked at 0012.48 hrs from 16,500 ft. Red T.I. In a square. Green in port corner of square. No other scattered T.I.'s Greens seen. Bombing scattered. Electrical dummy fire seen to the S.W. One photo attempted. Bomb load 6 x 2,000 H.C. 
PA966  29/08/1944  Stettin  9:24:00 PM  5:49:00 AM  8:25:00 AM  Abortive. On arrival, 2 believed dummy red TI's seen. Own aircraft attempting to bomb blind but bombs hung up and jettison action unsucessful.Bomb Load 40 x 7" Hooded Flares 'B'. 3 x 1000 ANM 44 025 
ND591  3/09/1944  Eindhoven  3:55:00 PM  6:51:00 PM  2:56:00 AM  Target attacked at 1726.36 hrs from 13,000 ft. Aircraft arrived on time, first red TI seen at 1726.30 which was on Southern apex of runways. One photo attempted. Bomb load 8 x 1000 ANM 65 TD 025, 3 x 1000 ANM 44 TD 025, 4 x 500 ANM 64 TD 025 
PA966  6/09/1944  Emden  4:25:00 PM  7:33:00 PM  3:08:00 AM  Task EMDEN. Abortive. Superchargers U/S. 2 x 1,000 ANM 44, 1 x 1,000 ANM 65, 5402N 0410E at 1823 hrs 11,000 st Safe. To lighten load for landing. 
PA966  11/09/1944  Gelsenkirchen  4:51:00 PM  8:03:00 PM  3:12:00 AM  Task GELSENKIRCHEN (NORDSTERN) Target attacked at 1825.18 from 18,000 ft. Smoke ofTI Red or Yellow or Green seen immediately before our bombing. A column of smoke seen just after in position of own bombs. One photo attempted. 
PB486  15/09/1944  Kiel  10:37:00 PM  3:37:00 AM  5:00:00 AM  Target attacked at 0109.42 hrs from 16000 ft. Flares only down on arrival on run in. Red and Greens cascaded just before our bombing. 2 miles on port beam , and another salvo of Red and Greens. Bombing was accurate. One photo attempted. Bomb load 4 x TI R 
PB186  17/09/1944  Boulogne  7:34:00 AM  9:55:00 AM  2:21:00 AM  Target attacked at 0826.12 hrs from 11,000 ft. TI's Green 50 yds from A/P to south. Own TI's first down on the A/P followed by Master. TI Red quite close to our own. Bommbing appeared good at first but later fell to the south west. Target remarked on the  
PB507  20/09/1944  Calais Defence Area  3:21:00 PM  5:40:00 PM  2:19:00 AM  Calais Defence Area A/P 6B,6A,6C,6E. Target attacked at 1720 hrs to 1830 hrs from 7/8000 ft. We were not called upon to drop our TI's as all attacks were good and bombing was well concetrated on the A/P. Area was heavily cratered. Three large forts seen d 
PB486  25/09/1944  Undergo  8:38:00 AM  11:01:00 AM  2:23:00 AM  Abortive. Contact made with deputy. Basement 5 and timing check at 0930 hrs. Went down below cloud and gave 'Orbit' at 0937 hrs. 'Abandon Mission' given at 0947.30 hrs. Green TI's just seen on A/P. Bomb load 6 x TI Red 896 A3. 4 x TI Red LB 867. 4 x 1000  
PA966  19/10/1944  Stuttgart  5:56:00 PM  11:32:00 PM  5:36:00 AM  Target attacked from 19,000 ft. No definite colors seen as aircraft arrived, but bombed on greenish glow on which other bombing was going down. Red of the Red/Yellow skymarkers seen as aircraft left in same area as red glow. A green glow seen about 5 mile 
PB375  25/10/1944  Essen  1:35:00 PM  5:15:00 PM  3:40:00 AM  Target attacked at 1534 hrs from 19,000 ft. Saw three flares Red before bombing to south of target about half a mile. We bombed the centre one. One fire burning about quarter mile to S/B of aircraft. One photo attempted. Bomb Load 1 x 4 flares Red Cap 6.  
PA966  28/10/1944  Koln  2:05:00 PM  6:00:00 PM  3:55:00 AM  Target attacked at 1558.30 hrs from 20,200 ft. As aircraft ran in the river and details of city identified and the attack on the first aiming point seen going well, with big columns of smoke and fires below. One red steady flare seen at 1557 hrs right on  
PA966  31/10/1944  Koln  6:29:00 PM  9:20:00 PM  2:51:00 AM  Task Cologne A/P H. Abortive. Pilot ill. .. Bit strange really as the aircraft arrived back around the same time/later than those that completed the mission!!! 
PB517  1/11/1944  Oberhausen  6:03:00 PM  10:40:00 PM  4:37:00 AM  Target attacked at 2033 hrs from 18000 ft. At time of bombing, Red, Green and Yellow marks were down in good concentration. Bombing appeared well concentrated in TI area and a large glow was underneath cloud on leaving target. One Photo Attempted. Bomb Lo 
PA966  2/11/1944  Dusseldorf  4:59:00 PM  9:21:00 PM  4:22:00 AM  Target attacked at 1924 hrs from 18,500 ft. On arrival over target we saw three green and two red flares, but it was impossible to see TI's on the ground due to smoke. TI's Red were seen cascading as ran in. Bombing seemed good, well concentrated and fire 
PA966  6/11/1944  Gelsenkirchen  12:26:00 PM  3:55:00 PM  3:29:00 AM  ** Note Flight log notes departure as 13.58 - Must be a typo, adjusted departure in line with other aircraft **** Target attacked at 1357.30 from 20,000 ft. TI's not dropped because aiming point temporarily blocked at moment of bombing. Red TI down a litt 
PA966  20/11/1944  Koblenz  12:50:00 AM  2:34:00 AM  1:44:00 AM  Abortive. Port Inner Engine u/s just after take off. 
PB507  21/11/1944  Ashaffenburg  4:37:00 PM  9:39:00 PM  5:02:00 AM  Blind Illuminator. Target attacked at 1911 hrs from 16,500 ft. Two aircraft seen to drop two lots of flares White at 1910 hrs. Then own a/c dropped on these. On second run glow of red TI seen below cloud ahead of A/C but even this had gone out by the time 
PA966  6/12/1944  Osnabruck  4:47:00 PM  9:57:00 PM  5:10:00 AM  Blind Marker. Target attacked at 1039 hrs from 19,000 ft. Nothing seen at target except bomb bursts. Glow of fires seen from about 40 miles away on return. One Photo Attempted. Bomb Load: 2 x 250 TI Green A. 2 x 250 Green LB A. 1 CP No1 R?G 848 Cap.6. 1 x 
PA966  12/12/1944  Essen  5:01:00 PM  9:38:00 PM  4:37:00 AM  Blind Sky Marker. Target attacked at 1936.48 hrs from 18,000 ft. Flares Red/Yellow and Green/Red on arrival in good group. First seen at 1925 hrs, 47 miles away. On leaving target these were getting thin and scattered. No TI's seen, no bombing seen. Retai 
PB621  29/12/1944  Koblenz  12:08:00 PM  4:48:00 PM  4:40:00 AM  Primary Visual Marker. Target attacked at 1458.18 hrs from 16000 ft. No marking seen from Mosquitoes, except for one possible Cookie burst. So many transmitters were left on that the M/B could not be heard until after he left the target. We could not iden 
PB186  4/01/1945  Royan  3:09:00 AM  8:11:00 AM  5:02:00 AM  Primary Blind Indicator. Task.Royan. Target attacked at 0522.30 hrs from 12,000 feet. Nothing seen before we dropped our flares. Afterwards 2 red TI's were seen close together, Greens were seen cascading as we turned away. We bombed on M/B's instructions  
PA966  5/01/1945  Hanover  7:25:00 PM  12:19:00 AM  4:54:00 AM  Blind Marker Illuminator. Task. Hanover (2nd Attack).Abortive. Marking appeared good in good number. 2 red TI's seen first and followed by green TI. Bombing seemed very good and several explosions seen in T/A. Decoy seen 10 miles NE of T/A. Bomb Load as a 
PA966  7/01/1945  Munich  7:19:00 PM  2:48:00 AM  7:29:00 AM  Blind Sky Marker. Task MUNICH. Target attacked at 2238 from 22,500 ft Red TI's seen cascading, followed by 4 clusters of Red/Green flares in a very good concentration. Glow from fires could be seen under cloud. One photo attempted. 
PA966  22/01/1945  Hamborn  5:33:00 PM  10:09:00 PM  4:36:00 AM  Blind Sky Marker. Task HAMBOURN. Target attacked at 2003.12 hrs from 18,700 ft. On run up, Reds and Greens seen. More cascading just before release. Bomb bursts visible through smoke, very concentrated. Fires visible 60 miles from target. Slight to modera 
PA966  1/02/1945  Mainz  4:56:00 PM  10:01:00 PM  5:05:00 AM  Blind Sky Marker. Task, MAINZ. Target attacked at 1931.20 hrs from 18,000 ft. Three Red TI's seen before bombing, two below cloud and one cascading. One Reg/Green flares seen close to TI's. After bombing a few more Red/Green flares seen in a fair concentr 
PA966  3/02/1945  Bottrop  4:49:00 PM  9:23:00 PM  4:34:00 AM  Blind Sky Marker. Task. BOTTROP. Target attacked at 19.31 hrs from 18,000 ft. Red TI's down at 1926/27 hrs. Three lots of Green TO's seen down just after bombing, and those on right of Red TI's. Later still, a very good group of Red and Green TI's seen ve 
PA966  7/02/1945  Goch  7:46:00 PM  12:39:00 AM  4:53:00 AM  Blind Illuminator. Task GOCH. Abortive. On first run, there was 10/10ths cloud so did not drop flares. No instructions were heard so did run up under cloud. Saw no TI's. On third run, heard Master Bomber say "Call Off" so did not bomb. On last run at 2025 
PA966  13/02/1945  Bohlen  6:44:00 PM  2:06:00 AM  7:22:00 AM  Blind Illuminator. Task BOHLEN. Abortive. Master Bomber heard giving 'Basement Flight Plan'. ' Do not drop flares' at 2154.48 hrs, so aircraft retained all flares and TI's. No marking seen and no results observed. 
PA966  14/02/1945  Chemnitz  5:29:00 PM  12:26:00 AM  6:57:00 AM  Blind Marker. Task. CHEMNITZ (1st Attack). Target attacked at 2058 hrs from 18000 ft. As we ran in we saw some illuminating flares well concentrated and in the centre 1 TI Green on the ground. Our H2S was U/S so we bombed on the TI Green. After bombing, w 
PA966  21/02/1945  Worms  5:27:00 PM  10:54:00 PM  5:27:00 AM  Blind Sky Marker. Task. WORMS. Target attacked at 2037.12 hrs from 15,000 ft. On run in, first Reds seen at 2029 hrs and first Green seen at 2032 hrs. Marking was very good. Bombing seemed well concentrated and on leaving target several fires were seen to 
PA966  23/02/1945  Pforzheim  4:30:00 PM  11:15:00 PM  6:45:00 AM  Blind Sky Marker. Task PFORZHEIM. Target attacked at 1958.18 hrs from 13,000 feet/ As A/C came in 1st Red TI seen to cascade at 1952 hrs. Red TI's seemed to be well placed except one to W of town with some illuminating flares near. Aslo one set of illumin 
PA966  1/03/1945  Mannheim  12:20:00 PM  3:07:00 PM  2:47:00 AM  Task MANNHEIM. Abortive. Starboard engine oil pressure failure. 6 x 1000 MC 5021N 0000E 1350 hrs 11,000 ft safe. To lighten aircraft for landing. 
PA966  11/03/1945  Essen  12:20:00 PM  4:53:00 PM  4:33:00 AM  Record book shows the aircraft as PB966 but this is I believe a typo. - Need to get a new copy of ORB page - 
PB611  12/03/1945  Dortmund  2:11:00 PM  6:24:00 PM  4:13:00 AM  Task DORTMUND. A/P "Q". Target attacked at 1631.30 hrs from 18,000 ft. On run into target 1st smoke puff blue seen to burst ahead at 1626 hrs fiollowed by a 2nd about 1/2 mile to SW at 1629.hrs. 1 minute later approx smoke puff Green seen to burst in the  
SW259  18/03/1945  Hannau  1:05:00 AM  7:22:00 AM  6:17:00 AM  Task HANNAU. Target attacked at 04.26.20 hrs from 16,000 ft. Master heard giving time check at 0419 hrs then at 0422 hrs, he said "Illuminators Yes". At 0429 hrs he said "Bomb cascading Reds and Greens" which we did. First markers to drop were Red/Green f 
PB560  4/04/1945  Lutzkendorf  9:57:00 PM  5:11:00 AM  7:14:00 AM  Task LUTZKENDORF. Target attacked at 01.30.5 hours from 18,000 ft. Master Bomber clearly heard. On first run nothing was seen so we retained flares. Whilst we orbited TI Red fell at 01.25 hours and illuminating flares followed at once but were scattered a