P/O Donald James IRVING R.A.A.F. - (101 Squadron RAF) 

Donald Irving was my fathers cousin, who preceeded him into the European theatre.

Donald  was a member of 101 Squadron from January 1944 until his death on the infamous Nuremburg raid on the 30/3/44.

The Nuremberg raid was the most disastrous raid for the RAF in WWII.

Of the  779 aircraft despatched, 97 were lost, 545 Crew killed, 152 become prisoners of war and a further 26 were injured in aircraft that managed to return.

Link to pictures of the Memorial Ceremony held at Lauterbach on the 65th Anniversary of the loss.

Below is a reconstruction of Donald's Log Book. You can follow the links for more details.

Rego Date Target Depart Return Hours Comments
DV275  20/01/1944  Berlin  4:35:00 PM  11:50:00 PM    1 x 4000 lb HC, 56 x 30, 1260 x 4(inc 90X)
Bombed Wanganui flares from 21,000' at 1948 hours. Hdg 216 M, IAS 170.
Many bomb bursts seen. 
DV275  21/01/1944  Magdeburg  8:05:00 PM  3:00:00 AM    Load 1 x 4000, 56 x 30, 1260 x 4 (inc. 90x)
Bombed flak and searchlights at Brunswick (last resort) unable to identify target through absence of P.F.F. marking at 23.09 hours. Bombed from 22,000 feet at 23.30 hours, 005(M), I.A.S. 160 
DV303  19/02/1944  Leipzig  11:57:00 PM  7:21:00 AM    Load 1 x 4000lb HC. 60 x 30lb inc. 1140 x 4 lb inc.
Bombed T.I. Green and Flares Green with Red Stars at 0418 hours, 21,500ft. 220M, 165 mph.
Red glow from fires seen through cloud. 
DV303  20/02/1944  Stuttgart  11:43:00 PM  7:43:00 AM    Load 1 x 4000lb HC, 48 x 30lb inc. 1050 x 4lb inc.
Bombed by green TI markers also R/P. flares at 0418 hrs from 22,000' hdg 330M, 170 mph.
Numerous sticks of incendiaries seen to explode and fires to commence in target area 
ME613  24/02/1944  Schweinfurt  6:20:00 PM  2:15:00 AM    Load 1 x 4000 lb HC, 48 x 30lb inc. 960 x 4lb inc.
Bombed on T.I. reds from 21,500' at 23.16 hours heading 030M at 170 mph. No cloud, smoke haze only over target. Two concentrations of T.I. reds; incendiary fires starting over whole target area. 
ME619  25/02/1944  Augsberg  6:10:00 PM  2:30:00 AM    Load 1 x 4000lb HC, 48 x 30 lb inc. 810 x 4lb (inc. 90x) inc.
Bombed centre of red T.I.'s from 21,000' abt 22.56 hours, heading 005M, 170 mph. Large fires in target area; smoke up to 6,000'. 
ME619  24/03/1944  Berlin  6:45:00 PM  2:30:00 AM    Load 1 x 4000lb HC, 16 x 30lb inc. 250 x 4lb inc, 30 x 4lb inc.'X'.
Bombed centre of 3-4 T.I. Reds at 22.37 hours from 20,000' heading 185M, 165 mph. Marking and flares scattered. 
DV292  26/03/1944  Essen  7:35:00 PM  1:00:00 AM    Bombed at 2212 hours from 19500 ft. hdg 136N IAS 165 mph. Glow of fire seen on leaving target. 
LL861  30/03/1944  Nurnburg        T/o 2150 Ludford Magna on ABC duties. Shot down, on the outward flight, by a Me110 flown by Hptm Gustav Tham, IV./NJG5 and crashed near Lauterbach, 10 km NNE of Eisanach. The bomber exploded with great force, scattering debris over a wide area. Six includ