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Flight Lieutenant Fernand Camille Guillaume DeBROCK DFC

Serial Number: 168843
RAF Trade: Flight Engineer
Date of Enlistment: Not Known
Rank Achieved: Flight Lieutenant
Operational Sorties: Unknown No. of Ops with 101 Squadron,
18 Ops with 156 Squadron.
Date of Birth: 28th December 1907 at Oostende, Belgium.

Awards: Distinguished Flying Cross. (Date and details not known as awards made to non Commonwealth personnel were not Gazetted)

Personal Details:
F/L DeBrock  was apparently a member of the Belgian Air Force as is indicated by his insignia.

F/L DeBrock had previously served with 101 Squadron and the ORB for that Squadron notes his posting to 156 Squadron on  14/3/1944.

T/o 2201 Upwood to attack rail facilities and flying as Deputy Master Bomber. In the vicinity of the target, hit by cannon fire from a night fighter and broke into two sections before crashing 0157 near Ancerville (Meuse), 20 km SW of Bar-le-Duc. Of those who died five rest in Ancerville Communal Cemetery, while Belgian born F/O Debrock, whose body lay undiscovered until March 1945, has now been taken back to his own country. (details from Chorley's Bomber Command Losses)

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