101 Squadron Log
Date Weekday Activity Target
1/07/1940  Monday  Air firing exercise carried out at Wainfleet. F/O H.J. Lyon posted from R.A.F. Sosford            
2/07/1940  Tuesday  High level bombing carried out at Wainfleet. The following officers and N.C.O.s posted to No. 18 Sqdn. P/Os B.A. davidson, P.J. Gordon Hall, F.W. Alder, 745279 Sgt. A. Binker, 745781 Sgt.I Bullivan, 740664 Sgt. J. Allen            
3/07/1940  Wednesday  High level and shallow dive bombing at Wainfleet. The following officers and N.C.O.s were posted from No. 101 Squadron. P/O P.G.A. Watson 742188 Sgt. S.L. Bain 552647 Sgt. Allison to No. 107 Sqdn. P/Os J.L.T. Glaister, A. N. Nicholson to No. 139 Sqdn. P/O I.T.H. Carson, 640802 Sgt.E.Howard to No. 114 Sqdn. P/Os P. Billyeald to No. 40 Sqdn. P/O Buskell to No. 18 Sqdn.
One flight i.e. "B" of this squadron became operational on this date, having done mainly training work since the outbreak of war, the Flight being under the command of S/Ldr. Morton  
4/07/1940  Thursday  S/Ldr. W.R. Hartwright proceeded to Portland to do a short course in Smoke Installation Curtains. S/Ldr E.A. Sprinall posted to No. 107 Sqdn. The following officers and N.C.Os posted from the Sqdn. P/O W.D. Spencer, to No. 57 Sqdn. F/Lt. G.J Bush to No 40 Sqdn. P/O A.L.S. Grumbly to 18 Sqdn. P/O R. O. Leach to No. 57 Sqdn. P/O G. H Brooks to No 139 Sqdn. lThree aircraft from "B" Flight took off to attack targets in Northern Germany   OSTERMOOR  Harburg  OSJENHEUSEN     
5/07/1940  Friday  Air firing at Wainfleet. The following Air Observers posted to No. 106 Sqdn. P/O D.E. Gardiner, C.L. Turner, A.R. Kerr. Three aircraft left to attack targes in Germany, N6140 piloted by W/Cdr J.Hargroves with 364413 Sgt.Smith, A/Obs and 550254 Sgt. R.M. Livermore, as crew failed to return, the reason for which was not known. W/Cdr. Hargroves had been in command of the Sqdn. Since 10.4.39   Northern Germany  Bremen       
6/07/1940  Saturday  Bombing at Wainfleet. The following Officer Air Gunners were posted. P/Os W. Osborne, to No 110 Sqdn. G. lRandall to No.107 Sqdn. J. Rodgers to No. 21 Sqdn. R. Patterson to No. 82 Sqdn. L. Downes to No. 15 Sqdn. J. Whittington to No. 40 Sqdn. Three aircraft took off to attack and reconnoitre aerodromes in enemy territory.   SCHELDT         
7/07/1940  Sunday  Air firing and local formation flying. Three plane standing by for operations.            
8/07/1940  Monday  P/O Marks, piloting Blenheim P.6953 forced landed at Massingham. No injuries sustained to crew or damage to aircraft. Four aircraft took off to attack and reconnoitre aerodromes in Northern France and Germany   Nthn France and Belgium         
9/07/1940  Tuesday  Blenheim N.6176 piloted by P/O G.P. Watson with 581707 Sgt. Oldland, Observer and 935296 AC.2 Perry, W/Op A/G as crew forced landed at Brampton near Wyton at 1600 hours. Pilot slightly injured. Air frame written off, engines repairable. The squadron provided a battle action but was not required to operate.   Training         
10/07/1940  Wednesday  As a result of an enemy aircraft making use of cloud cover, a stick of small bombs (presumably 40 pounds) was dropped at 0600 hours. One hit No. 1 hangar causing the loss of three Avro Ansons and one Gladiator.   Northern Germany         
11/07/1940  Thursday  Air firing exercises carried out. The foolowing Officers and N.C.O. s wee posted from the squadron. P/Os D.A. Taylor and R. J. Cox to No. 57 Sqdn. F/O T.R. Goodbody to No. 81 Sqdn. 744989 Sgt. A. lBuckley and 581358 Sgt. L. lStadler to No.21 Sqdn Sgt. Pilot 563164 A. Dixon, 740627 Sgt. F. Brierley, 749488 Sgt.Martin and 751942 Sgt. Whalen to No. 21 Sqdn.   SHIPPING         
12/07/1940  Friday  P/O J.D. Baker proceeded to No. 1 C.G.S. Warmwell to do an advanced Gunnery course. P/O Fleming attached from No.18 Sqdn vice P/O Baker. The following Air Observers posted to No. 107 Sqdn. 747860 Sgt. Marrian, 759176 Sgt. Chambers, 581542 Sgt. Sully, 750123 Sgt. Queenborough.
Bombing at Wainfleet  
13/07/1940  Saturday  No entry            
14/07/1940  Sunday  Local formation flying. S/Ldr. E.A. Springall posted to No 40 Sqdn. F/Lt. G.E. Newton posted from H.G. No 2 Group            
15/07/1940  Monday  A.W/Cdr. N.C. Singer D.S.O. posted from No. 15 Sqdn to assume command of the sqdn. The following Officer Air Gunners were posted. P/Os M.H. Pinder and J.O. Mair to No. 105 Sqdn. P/Os J.A. Skinner and R.H. Vaughn to No. 218 Sqdn.            
16/07/1940  Tuesday  Flying very restricted owing to bad weather. P/O J.F. Palmer posted to No.28 Sqdn.            
17/07/1940  Wednesday  Very restricted flying owing to inclement weather. F/O H.J. Lyon proceeded to Wainfleet to relieve F/O McAulliffe as range Officer. P/O J.M. Arther posted from Wattisham to assume duties as Sqdn. Engineering Officer vice W.O. Pugh who was posted to No. 83 M.U.            
18/07/1940  Thursday  Air firing exercise carried out at Wainfleet, Operational flights carried out by four aircraft. Blenheim aircraft P6924 piloted by F/O F.E.R. Ducker with 746988 Sgt. Dodd Air Observer and 633237 Sgt. Bloor W/Op A/G as crew, failed to return.   LE CROTRY  Douai  ARRAS  CHERBOURG   
19/07/1940  Friday  Bombing at Wainfleet            
20/07/1940  Saturday  Award of the India General Service Medal with clasp "N.W," Frontier 1936-37 to 561333 Sgt. G.F. Pearse, F.A.E.            
21/07/1940  Sunday  No entry            
22/07/1940  Monday  Six aircraft carried out operational flights   INGLEVERT  Boulogne  ST.AMER     
23/07/1940  Tuesday  Air firing exercises carried out at Wainfleet. Local instrument flying practice.            
24/07/1940  Wednesday  Bombing at Wainfleet. Twelve aircraft took part in intensive formation flying practice.            
25/07/1940  Thursday  One aircraft took off to do an operational flight but failed to return. The aircraft was Blenheim N.6174 P/O r.E. Short (pilot) Sgt. Parkinson 748411 (Obs) and 905664 Sgt. F.T.Gibson, A.G.   CHERBOURG  Northern Germany  SCHIPOL     
26/07/1940  Friday  Bombing at Wainfleet. Operational flights carried out by three aircraft.            
27/07/1940  Saturday  The following officers posted to No, 82 Sqdn. F/O T.E.Syms, P/Os D.A.J. Parfitt, N.M.H. Smith.            
28/07/1940  Sunday  Air firing exercises carried out. P/O M. Marks posted to 114 Sqdn. 565464 Sgt. Adam, 741725 Sgt. Morley, 741533 Sgt. Clayton posted to 218 Sqdn.            
29/07/1940  Monday  An aircraft piloted by P/O Hill with G/Cpt. A.S. Maskell as passenger and another piloted by F/Lt. Monroe with Sgt. Neville flew to Wyton, the various members of the party representing the Sqdn. And the Station at the Investiture by the A.O.U. in "C" Bomber Command at which Sgt. Neville received the D.F.M.   LEEUWARDEN         
30/07/1940  Tuesday  P/O Percival posted to No. 1 O.T.U.            
31/07/1940  Wednesday  Bombing at Wainfleet. F/O F.R. McAuliffe, P/O A.S. Malcolm, P/O Sorymgeour-Wadderburn.