101 Squadron Log
Date Weekday Activity Target
1/12/1940  Sunday  Weather: Showers, fog during morning, becoming cloudy with slight haze during afternoon. Fog forming in evening, winds light westerly.
748570 Sgt. Pilot Palmer,
580368 Sgt. A/Obs E. Farmes and
618345 Sgt. W/Op A/G Dunleavy detached to Thorney Island pending posting to Middle East  
2/12/1940  Monday  Weather: Fog in morning becoming cloudy with slight mist. Fog forming in evening. Winds westerly, modrate during day becoming calm in evening.

748570 Sgt. Pilot G.Palmer,
580368 Sgt.A/Obs E.Farmes, and
618345 Sgt. W/Op A/G Dunleavy reported missing on flight from Thorney Island.

Owing to fog, operations for night 2/3.12.40 were cancelled.  
Thorney Island         
3/12/1940  Tuesday  Weather: Fog early morning, rain at 1000 hrs B.S.T. continuing until 1700 hrs B.S.T. Cloudy in evening and drizzle. Winds S.W. moderate.

P/O A.D. McLaren and P/O S.A. Waugh promoted to Flying Officer.

Owing to inclement weather operations for night 3/4.12.40 were cancelled.  
4/12/1940  Wednesday  Weather: Low clouds and poor visibility becoming cloudy with slight haze. Winds S.W. gusty.

741461 Sgt. Pilot V.H. Langrish,
905139 Sgt. A/Obs H. J. Rampley and
747876 Sft. W/Op A/G E.W. De'ath posted from No..13 OTU

OPERATIONS;NIGHT: Target E.6 six aircraft 4/5.12.40 owing to thick cloud no aircraft located the target and one aircraft returned with bombs. The remainder bombed Flak batteries in target area and flare paths en route to and from target.  
5/12/1940  Thursday  Weather: rain early morning and late evening. Visibility moderate winds Westerly.   E.6          
6/12/1940  Friday  Weather: Morning showers,visibility good, strong gusty westerly winds.            
7/12/1940  Saturday  Weather: Showery visibility good, moderat NW winds.
OPERATIONS-NIGHT: 7/8.12.40 Target A.378 eight aircraft. Results: three aircraft located and bombed the primary target. One aircraft bombed a factory at Coblenz, one aircraft bombed C.C.29. One aircraft bombed searchlights. Two aircraft abandoned task, on because the
W/T operator was ill, the other aircraft had a intercommunication W/T failure. One aircraft was unable to obtain W/T assistnce on return flight and landed at Bodney.  
8/12/1940  Sunday  Weather: Showery, visibility good, moderate NW winds. 550584 Sgt. W/Op A/G B. Stretch, detached to Warmwell for a Gunnery Leader's course.            
9/12/1940  Monday  Weather: Intermittent rain or drizzle, visibility poor, moderate westerly winds. 751681 Sgt. A/Obs T.H. Martin posted to No. 105 Sqdn. P/O J.N. Westcott posted from S.H.Q. and ceased to be non-effective (sick)            
10/12/1940  Tuesday  Weather: Slight rain afternoon and evening., visibility moderate - moderate westerly wind.
OPERATIONS-NIGHT 10/11.12.40 Targets B.53 four aircraft. M.116 three aircraft. Results: B.53 no aircraft located target owing to 10/10 cloud. One aircraft bombed a flare path at Saesteberg, one dropped its bombs on Bochum (Ruhr area). This aircraft had a complete failure of the starboard engine over Holland. The pilot (Sgt.Clarke) flew the aircraft successfullly on one engine across the North Sea and landed at Langham safely. This aircraft also had intercommunication R/T failure. One aircraft had to abandon task owing to illness of Air Gunner and one aircraft abandoned task intending to return with bombs but on examinatin on the ground, discoered 3x250 bombs had been released. M.11  
11/12/1940  Wednesday  Weather: Showery visibility moderate. Light northerly winds   B.53  M.116       
12/12/1940  Thursday  Weather: occasional showers. Visibility moderate, light northerly winds. Operations for the night 12/13.12.40 were cancelled owing t the possibility of poor visibility developing late evening            
13/12/1940  Friday  Weather: Partly cloudy, poor visibility, wind calm becoming moderate south easterly in evening.            
14/12/1940  Saturday  Weather: Cloudy moderate visibility untill 1500 hrs then continuous slight rain, poor visibility winds sout east moderate            
15/12/1940  Sunday  Weather: Fog until 2100 hrs B.S.T. then fine with moderate visibility, cloud at 800 ft. Operatios for the night 15/16.12.40 were cancelled owing to unfavourable weather conditions.            
16/12/1940  Monday  Weather: Occasional slight rain or drizzle- moderate S.W. winds- poor visibility.

P/O H.J. Madden posted to No. 114 Sqdn.

OPERATIONS-NIGHT Target Mannheim (Abergail) seven aircraft.
Three aircraft attacked primary target, bombs seen to burst in target area. One aircraft unable to locate target and bombed a small town with railway from 12000ft. Bursts observed in town but railway miss by 100x. Time of attack 23.10hrs.

One aircraft abandoned task owing to sickness of W/T A/G.
Two crews were lost.
They were:
Sgt.Pilot Clarke,
Sgt.A/Obs Willcox,
Sgt. W/T A/G Heaney,
Sgt. Pilot Skipworth,
Sgt.A/Obs Need,
Sgt.W/T A/G Stephenson.

Sgt. Pilot Clarkes aircraft was last heard sending S.O.S. from St. Quentin, France.
A. W/T fix was passed to the aircraft but no further communication was received.

Sgt. Pilot Skipworth had broadcast S.O.S. and a W/T fix and courses to steer had been given to the aircraft.

The aircraft crashed at Fairlight, Hastings and burnt out.

All the crew were killed.

Three aircraft were lost on the return flight.

P/O C.R.Brown and crew landed with wheels up in a field at Cornwood, near Plympton Devon.

P/O C.E.Hill and crew ran out of petrol of Plympton and abandoned aircraft. All the crew landed safely.

F/Lt. Graham and crew landed at Christchurch aerodrome without a flare path. The aircraft was landed without sustaining any damage.

W/Cdr. Singer was the only pilot to land at base after proceeding to target.  
17/12/1940  Tuesday  Weather: Small amount of cloud, light northerly wind, visibility moderate. S/Ldr S.J. Monroe sustained injury due to slipping whilst climbing into an aeroplane and was transferred sick.            
18/12/1940  Wednesday  Weather: morning fog, slight rain in evening with moderate SW wind. Operations for night 18/19.12.40 were cancelled due to unfavourable weather. F/Lt. R.O.M. Graham confined in S.S.Q with influenza.            
19/12/1940  Thursday  Weather: Occasional showeres, moderate northerly wind, good visibility. Operations for night cancelled 19/20.12/40 owing to unfavourable weather.            
20/12/1940  Friday  Weather: Slight drizzle AM Wind light north easterly, visibility moderate.   Gelsenkirchen  DUNKIRK       
21/12/1940  Saturday  OPERATIONS-NIGHT Targets: Gelsen Kirchen, four aircraft. Dunkirke, two aircraft. Results: Gelsen Kirchen, three aircraft attacked primary target and bomb bursts were observed in vicinity of target. Nickels were dropped in areas A.71 and M.435. One aircraft unable to locate primary target bombed Duisberg and bomb bursts observed on railway lines. Dunkirke: Both aircraft bombed this target, bursts were seen on No.4 and 5 docks. 755250 Sgt. A/Obs W. Martin attached to Manby on a Bombing Leaders course.            
22/12/1940  Sunday  Weather: Cloudy, visibility good, moderate easterly wind. S/Ldr S.J. Monroe relinquished the rank of Acting S/Ldr.on posting to RAF Stn. West Raynham, non-effective, (sick)            
23/12/1940  Monday  Weather: Cloudy visibility moderate, winds north easterly.
OPERATIONS-NIGHT Targets: enemy aerodromes. Two aircraft took off to harass enemy aerodromes in Lille area. One aircraft encountered low cloud and rain and returned with bombs, the other bombed a flare path on the Lille Nord aerodrome. Owing to bad weather being reported by these aircraft the remaining sorties were cancelled.  
24/12/1940  Tuesday  Weather: Occasional light rain and drizzle, visibility good, winds light north westerly.            
25/12/1940  Wednesday  Weather: Cloudy fog late evening, visibility moderate to poor. Wind calm. F/Lt.J.R.cree and F/Lt R.O.M. Graham appointed to the acting rank of Squadron Leader. F/O A.D. McLaren appointed to the acting rank of Flight Lieutenant.            
26/12/1940  Thursday  Weather: Fog- occasional showers in evening, visibility moderate. Winds light north westerly. 745006 Sgt.Pilot Kiddle, 909525 Sgt. A/Obs Cammaerts, 971303 Sgt. W/Op A/G Kniveton posted from No. 17 OTU.            
27/12/1940  Friday  Weather: Occasional showers, visibility moderate , winds light north westerly. F/O H.R. Thompsonm 936746 Sgt.A/Obs Armitage and 625275 Sgt.W/Op A/G Mason posted to 105 Sqdn.            
28/12/1940  Saturday  Weather: Fog, slight clearance early afternoon and evening.Wind, light northwesterly. Sgt. Redmont and Sgt. Woodruff posted from RAF Station West Raynham on ceasing to be non-effective (sick). Operations for the night 28/29.12.40 were cancelled due to unfavourable weather.            
29/12/1940  Sunday  Weather: partly cloudy during the day, overcast with intermittent rain during the evening. Visibility moderate, winds moderate southwesterly.            
30/12/1940  Monday  Weather: Overcast, low cloud continuous rain with poor visibility.
Sgt. Pilot mcDonogh rejoined unit from Sick Leave.  
31/12/1940  Tuesday  Weather: Overcast visibiltiy good. Operations cloud cover. Targets: Emmerick primary with Schippe and Hamstede or Eindhaven as alternatives. Three aircraft took off at 1246 hours BST to 1321 hours but when 30 miles from English coast returned owing to lack of cloud cover. The last sortie took off at 1334 hours but cloud cover proved insufficient and in an effort to reach Flushing a ship was sighted and bombed from 400ft. Hits were observed amidships and ship was observed to be sinking by the stern when aircraft was leaving. Ship estimated to be an armed patrol vessel of 1000 tons approximately.   A.25