101 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Gelsenkirchen
Mission Date: 20/12/1940
Mission Comments:
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
3803  Blenheim  F/Lt CREE  04:02      07:30    Primary target attacked from 17,000ft at 0608 hrs. Bursts observed amongst buildings to South of target. Nickels dropped to fall on Duisberg.  698 
3830  Blenheim  F/Sgt THOMPSON  04:07      08:14    Primary target attacked from 10,000ft at 0614 one burst in target area and fire started. Nickels dropped in area A.71, A.435  698 
6141  Blenheim  Sgt. RICKINSON  04:12      08:00    Primary target not located. Duisberg attacked as alternative, bursts observed on railway line. Nickels dropped in area A.71 and M.435  698 
2234  Blenheim  F/O McLAREN  04:17      07:54    Primary attacked from 14,000 feet at 0620 one burst in target area. Nickels dropped in area A.71 and M.435  698