101 Squadron Mission Details
Target: Mannheim
Mission Date: 16/12/1940
Mission Comments:
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
3552  Blenheim  F/Lt GRAHAM  00:00      00:00    Primary Target attacked from 14000ft bursts not observed. Due to passage of fron and 10/10 clouds. Aircraft blown from course and force landed at Christchurch without flarepath. No damage to aircraft or crew.  697 
3801  Blenheim  P/O HILL  00:00      00:00    Primary target attacked from 12000ft 2130 hrs. Results observed in target area. Due to passage of front and 10/10 cloud on return journey aircraft was blown off course. W/T communication had broken down but Plympton was contacted after 8 hours flying and courses to steer were given. Aircraft was evacuated due to lack of petrol after 8 Hours 40 minutes in air. Crew landed safely by parachute near Brixham, Devon.  697 
6142  Blenheim  P/O BROWN  20:21      00:00    Primary target attacked from 12000 ft 2130 hours. Results observed in area. Change of wind and lack of petrol necessitated forced landing with wheels up at Cornwood, Plymouth. Aircraft damaged but crew uninjured.  697 
3830  Blenheim  W/C SINGER  20:40      03:00    Unable to locate primary target having been blown off course by change of wind, not discovered due to 10/10 cloud on outward journey. Small town with railway attacked from 12000 ft. Bursts observed in town but railway missed by approximately 100 ft. Height 12000ft time 2330 hours.  697 
2039  Blenheim  Sgt. CLARKE  20:51      00:00    Aircraft lost after sending out S.O.S. was last heard from and given W/T fix at St. Quentin France. Presumed lost over the sea.  697 
6953  Blenheim  Sgt. SKIPWORTH  21:08      00:00    Aircraft lost with crew at Fairlight, Hastings. Machine burned out. S.O.S. had been broadcast and W/T fix and courses to steer had been given.   697 
6141  Blenheim  F/Sgt THOMPSON  21:25      23:05    No target attacked owing to illness of W/OP.AG. Operation abandoned after 35 minutes flying. Bombs brought back.  697