101 Squadron Mission Details
Target: B.53
Mission Date: 11/12/1940
Mission Comments:
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
3801  Blenheim  P/O HILL  03:18      06:00    Aircraft bombed flare path at Svesterberg from 18,000 ft at 0450 hours. Primary target not attacked owing to 10/10 cloud.  696 
2234  Blenheim  Sgt. CLARKE  03:29      08:00    Primary target not located bombs dropped in Bochum area from 16,000 ft at 0512 hours. Results not observed, due to severe electric storm in Amsterdam area starboard engine failed completely, intercom failed, aircraft returned to England on one engine and landed at Langham (Bircham Newton Satellite)  696 
1825  Blenheim  S/L HARTWRIGHT  03:44      05:52    Task abandoned owing to indisposition of W/T. A.G. Bombs jettisoned in sea.  696 
2281  Blenheim  Sgt. SKIPWORTH  04:26      08:18    Primary target not located owing to 10/10 cloud. Aircraft intended to bring bombs back but on landing found three by 250 lb bombs had been released. Presume observer unintentionally rotated bomb distributor with sleeve.  696