101 Squadron Mission Details
Target: A.376
Mission Date: 7/12/1940
Mission Comments:
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
6142  Blenheim  P/O BROWN  18:57      00:35    Aircraft unable to locate primary or alternative targets through being lost. Bombed factory at Kablenz from 11,000 ft at 2203 hours. Bursts observed in target area.  695 
9421  Blenheim  F/Lt CREE  19:01      22:04    Aircraft was unable to attack primary because of cloud. Bombed CC29 from 10,000 ft at 2050 hours. Results unobserved.  695 
3801  Blenheim  W/C SINGER  19:18      21:26    Primary Target not attacked. Task abandoned owing to illness of W/OP.AG. Bombs brought back  695 
2039  Blenheim  Sgt. CLARKE  19:07      23:45    Aircraft bombed primary target three large and two small bursts observed on target area. Height of attack 14,000 ft at 2103 hours.  696 
6141  Blenheim  Sgt. RICKINSON  19:28      01:17    Aircraft bombed primary target from 14,000 ft at 2058 hours. Bursts seen in target area.  696 
2234  Blenheim  F/O McLAREN  19:33      22:32    Task abandoned owing to failure of W/T operators telephone. Bombs brought back.  696 
3846  Blenheim  Sgt. CAUNT  20:11      00:50    Primary target not attacked owing to bad weather conditions and icing over Holland. Attacked 15 searchlights two miles S.W. of Rotterdam from 10,000 ft at 2130 hours. W/T failed on return flight and aircraft landed at Bodney.  696