101 Squadron Mission Details
Target: E.6
Mission Date: 5/12/1940
Mission Comments:
Rego Type Captain Departed Over Target Height Returned Flight Time Comments ORB Slide
5801  Blenheim  P/O HILL  03:25      06:25    Unable to locate primary target owing to unfavourable weather. Attacked Flak Batteries in Wessel area. Height of attack 15,500 ft. at 0431 hrs.  695 
6142  Blenheim  P/O BROWN  03:40      08:40    *** NOTE - ONLY CAPTAIN NO CREW DETAILS IN ORB USUAL CREW USED *** Primary target not located owing to 10/10 cloud and icing conditions, so attacked flare path and Beacon in Hassil area from 2,000 ft at 0622 and 0628 hours, results unobserved  695 
1825  Blenheim  S/L HARTWRIGHT  03:42      06:52    Primary target not located owing to intense cloud. Bombs dropped in Muisberg area, 4 flashes observed through cloud. Height 19000 ft. at 04.58 hrs.  695 
3803  Blenheim  S/L MONROE  03:46      06:59    Primary target not identified, 10/10 cloud. Bombs dropped on target area from 18,000 ft at 0503 hrs.  695 
2234  Blenheim  F/O McLAREN  03:48      06:39    Primary target not located owing to intense cloud. Unable to locate any alternative or last resort target so bombs brought back.  695 
6953  Blenheim  Sgt. SKIPWORTH  03:50      07:08    Primary target not located owing to unfavourable weather so bombs released (on?) flare paths in Vaught area. Two flare paths bombed, two bombs on each. One flare path swithched off after bombs were dropped. Height of attack 8,000ft.  695